Specialist Car Detailing

Elite Detailing and Protection is a leading car detailing company offering services across the UK and Europe.

EDP offers a full spectrum of services for the restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your vehicles' exterior and interior. We provide a specialist detailing and paint correction service for exclusive vehicles. EDP is the only detailing company in the UK that is Approved to work on Mercedes-Benz McLaren and Maybach UK.


Gurcharn employs a variety of waxes, cleansers, conditioners, polishes and compounds. All of which are personally chosen by the Elite Detailer himself after being subject to rigorous checks and tests.

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Paintwork Correction

By using state of the art paint testing equipment we analyse the painted surface and then using the latest techniques and compounds, we Paint Correct all the imperfections to achieve a finish to a cars' paintwork that is simply breathtaking.

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At EDP we offer comprehensive detailing maintenance packages. The residual on any vehicle can be greatly reduced if it is not properly cared for and maintained, both mechanically as well as aesthetically.

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  • "the best of the best when it comes to car care" Max Girado Director RM Auctions
  • "The Undisputed King of Detailers" Tom Hartley (Enzo, Veyron, Zonda)
  • "truly dedicated, very enthusiastic, and does the job to the very highest of standards" Mr N Watenbach (Porsche 997 Gen.2 GT3)
  • "Obliterated all the defects" Mr Nick Freeman/Mr Loophole (AM DBS Volante)
  • "The result is simply stunning, easily beating the factory finish!! " Mr M Kryten (Porsche 997 GT3 Gen.2)
  • "He is totally dedicated to his work and deserves all the credit he gets " Mr N Wates (Porsche 964 3.6 Turbo)
  • "I would, like so many others, definitely recommend Gurcharn's services" Mr M Duff (Aston Martin V12)
  • "Gurcharn Really is a Genius" Mr J Dhaliwal (Aston Martin DBS)
  • "The Master of the Craft of Detail" Mr M Gee (Porsche 996)
  • "The ultimate level of service, finish and professionalism comes from Elite Detailing" Mr J Eadie (Bentley CGT)
  • "There is only one company you should be calling" Mr R Jones (Lamborghini Murcielago)
  • "A true perfectionist" Mr R Carty (Porsche 996 GT3)
  • "If you’re after perfection for your car, call Elite as in my opinion they are the best!" Mr A Humayun (Porsche 993 C2S)
  • "The best money can buy" Mr J Garside (Porsche Cayenne)
  • "Dedication and workmanship is second to none" Mr C Weaver (Porsche 993 C2S)
  • "The results were amazing" Mr B Moseley (Audi R8)
  • "A new standard has been set" Mr J Sharma (Range Rover Sport)

Elite Detailing are the world's leading automotive detailers and paint protection film installers (ppf) with facilities in London and Hong Kong.

As one of the earliest established detailing companies we have a profound knowledge and understanding – through hands on experience - of some of the rarest and most valuable motor vehicles in the world. We have used, at the very least sampled, almost every reputable detailing product and have extensive knowledge of the ingredients that formulate results.

EDP have been featured in various world press, including; BBC TV and Radio, ITV1, CNN, Auto Express, USA Today, The Telegraph, Top Gear, plus many more.